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Can not beat the price of this jacket!
I like toe socks to prevent the blisters on the bottom of my toes. These are a great pair.
Nice casual bracelet. Glad I got it.
Fit my daughter wearing 2T clothing great.
She has chubby thighs though, so these may not fit for too long, but that's not a flaw of the product.
Easy on and off, as described, and a good price for the pack!
Loved this product. It's not a super nice leather material, but the message inside makes up for it. I gifted it to my father for Christmas & his exact words were "I love it so much I'm not sure I want to use it. I don't want to ruin it w the wear & tear. The money I'd place inside means nothing compared to the sentiment you've provided me."
Its a beautiful ring as advertised.
They were too small.
I'm on the search for great boxer brief, but these aren't the right ones for me. They constantly ride low in the back and the super long tag is really annoying. Comfortable and breathable overall though. I'll keep wearing them, but definitely won't be buying more.
My husband likes it
unsure on rest as have yet to test it in a rain condition but feels and looks to be made of high quality.
firm feel
Good shirt
use it daily, nothing flashy just a sturdy belt for the price.
Love it
I absolutely love the color, and it fits me perfectly! the zipper is shiny sliver just what i need.
I love it!! Perfect size! I put a smaller purse with money, cc,I'D etc!! IN it. Light weight too!
I really like the jeans... a lot... but after the first washing the fabric started to show signs of stress. I was not looking for "stressed" jeans and unfortunately Amazon does not give me the option to replace them.
I love this bag. Its classy and definitely worth the money . I need to buy an insert but I not exactly sure if its a medium or large. But Ill
figure it out
Very cheap, extremely thin fabric. Full size maybe a size and a half small. Made in Egypt - definitely not to common US sizing.
Seems like a good hat but when it arrived it was folded in the packaging. I've tried to form it to how it should look but the sides either pop all the way out or all the way in and I cant get the indention to stay. Highly doubt I will ever actually wear it
less than 1 month use and fabric is frayed and separating from leather so that cards protrude from where not supposed to. disappointed, wallet search is back on.
My mother-in-law is always losing her glasses in the rest home. These are perfect for her.
this won't last after a couple of washes they ripped
Ok so the fit is really good. Not that thick and the cotton is not the best. At this price point it is a good buy.
Worth it vs paying the $75+ they charge at school. You couldnt tell the difference!
Very nice. They are really good
Fits perfectly
Nice style. Did not fit as expected